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Welcome to Beautiful Normal, an agency on a mission to drive brand transition towards sustainability.

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We are designers, strategists and coaches who believe that the most relevant brands, businesses and organisations are those which exist to create a positive impact on people and our planet.

We call these ‘Planet First’.

b e
t h e
c h a n g e

This is the most important journey.
Let’s take it together.

We collaborate to create positive momentum within your organisation towards a sustainable and profitable future.

We do this by:

  • Creating powerful brand narratives based around purpose and relevance
  • Embedding design thinking to enable iterative innovation
  • Empowering leaders to make planet-first decisions
  • Driving behavioural change through campaigns and communications
l e a d

t h e w a y

Planet First means continuous positive action


A commitment to fundamentally change and improve


Collaboration to tackle things that are difficult to change


Celebrating changes that positively impact people and our planet

n e w
n o r m a l

The four pillars of Planet First


  • Leadership coaching and development
  • Influential management thinking
  • Change-maker thinking


  • Values-led brand development
  • Sustainability goal-setting
  • Brand design


  • New consumption models
  • Design thinking and agile delivery
  • Product and service design


  • Real world engagement
  • Campaign creation and measurement
  • Behaviour and cultural change makers